Japan, the oldest country and why

Hey guys! Welcome to my first ever article. 

I started this web site so that you know more about Japan and why we act the way we do.

First, I’ve met too many people who just thinks that Japan is a new country and used to be part of China or something until few decades ago.

I guess that’s kind of a extreme example..

But when a question:

Which is the oldest living country?

Is asked, a lot of the People will answer: 




But rarely one would answer: 

Japan was founded by 

Enperor Jimmu 

Which is this guy

And he built Japan 

With his raven with three legs…

And that was about 660 b.c.

That’s like almost 2700 years of a country!

Now you might be thinking, 

hmm… I thought I heard that China is like 4000 years old and that’s Way older than Japan.

Yeah but how many rulers? How many dynasties did they go through?
Let’s see there were like


And then it was like 


And it was Kan again

And Zui, Tou, Sou, Gen, Min, Shin

And forget lots of other small ones were between it!

Now you might be saying

It’s just a name that’s chaging and you are saying Japan is the oldest country because the name was same? In fact Japan did have different name like yamataikoku, dainippon teikoku and such…

But no! It’s not the matter of Names

But the dynasty is one!

If you trace the lineage from the emperor today which is this person:

You eventually go back to this guy:

By the way last ruler did the revolution and conquer China was 1949 so it was after the world war that China today was built.


Japan was built by an emperor and it was a supreme being who had respect from the people.

Under the emperor, every one was equal.

So no way you can rebel against the emperor. That’s like battling against God! Well kind of…

So that’s why Japan lasted so long 

That’s why the emperor is a great being among Japanese nation.

We even have Guinness world record that it is the oldest surviving country. 

See? Japan is the oldest country.



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