The Japanese national anthem – the best lyrics that describes this country

Hey guys!! Yesterday I wrote an article about how Japan is the longest surviving country in the world

If you haven’t read it yet I suggest that you would! Here:

Japan the oldest country and why

Now that being said, I like to share with you the national anthem of Japan

It’s called Kimigayo

Kimigayo wa

Chiyoni yachiyoni

Sazare ishino


Kokeno musu made

It literally translate to this:

May your reign

Continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations,

Until the pebbles 

Grow into boulders 

Lush with moss

Some that doesn’t understand the meaning often thinks the song is about war and conquering the world and stuff… or worshipping the emperor but not at all! As you probably can tell

Even lots of Japanese people don’t really know the meaning to it or sumply was never taught.

You know, it’s old Japanese, kinda hard to understand…

But isn’t it cool?! That Japanese national anthem is saying that the country may continue forever, and it is! It is literally the longest surviving country!

If you are like: I don’t think japan is the oldest country, I thought it was pretty new… then go and read my article that I wrote previously: (problem solved)


Japan the oldest country and why
See?! Can you think of a any better lyrics that would fit Japan?

I don’t think so!

And see!? Now you now more about Japan!


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