Was Japan so evil that they started war like we all heard?

Hey guys! I want to talk about the history of war a bit

Why did Japan enter into a war with the United States?

Like what happened there?

Because Japan was this blood thirsting evil ninjas that wanted to invade the world pointing samurai swords at everyone! Right?!


And let me tell you why

But before I go into that, I want to make this clear:

That a lot of people, especially Americans justifies the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by claiming that Japan was the one who started war 

And they say that it was ok to… you know, bomb!

Like: they started first!

But wait…

Was starting war even illegal under the law of war?

We both agreed upon it at the Geneva convention

And starting war isn’t a crime!

But doing a mass murder of citizens are! (Trying to think of an example of this… hmm maybe something like nuclear bombing??)

Any ways starting a war is completely Fine!

Well, not like “fine” because war is not really “fine” but it’s “fine” because it wasn’t against the law or anything!


Anyways the real topic today was why did Japan started war

So when Japan lost its war

GHQ (general headquarters) being lead by Douglas MacArthur (American army general) came to Japan

And all the Japanese freaked out cause of the sunglasses 

General MacArthur actually made this statement about why Japan enter into the war:

“There is practically nothing indigenous to Japan except the silkworm. They lack cotton, they lack wool, they lack petroleum products, they lack tin, they lack rubber, they lack great many other things, all of which was in the Asiatic basin.

They feared that if those supplies were cut off, there would be 10 to 12 million people unoccupied in Japan. Their purpose, therefore in going to war was karagely dictated by security.”

Yup! That was when America stopped all fuels from going into Japan.

And can you imagine your life without any fuels, gas, oil…?

That’s like you lose your job, no car, no clothes to wear and of course no Nintendo!!!!!

You get pissed right!?

But seriously! It was choice between not fighting but perish or fight and…… still perish….

What would you chose?

Osami Nagano general in the Japanese Navy has said

I believe it’s better for our children for us to perish by battle, rather than to perish without a battle, for in that way our spirits will be preserved.

I hope that you know now that Japanese people were as nice people as you see us today

And we were not a blood thirsting people who wanted war to conquer the world or anything like that 

And our anscesters did have fight for their families, wives, children 

For freedom

They have fought for good will and for justice, for their country

just like the other soldiers in the rest of the world
Thanks for reading this and feel free to leave a comment, hit like and follow 

See ya


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