Some of you might have watched anime. Some of you might like Japanese food, interested in Japanese cultures. That’s a great way to start learning about Japan.

From these articles I hope that you learn more about the history and culture of who we really are.

Hi I’m Masaki. I am a Japanese but also Canadian.

I found lots of people misunderstand, or simply don’t know a lot about who Japanese people really are.

I write on lots of touchy subjects

Some of them you might not like 

Some of them are different then your beliefs or what you grew up with.

But that’s ok if you don’t want to believe it

I write what I think is accurate.

And we all have different answers to things right?

What I right is just one of the opinion among billions of people in the world

So feel free to tell me what you think. What’s your opinion? How do you feel?

Thanks for reading. 

And feel free to follow my articles and leave comments

Masaki S.


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